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2000 Report 
2000 Older American Update: Key indicator of Wellness
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  Economics Economics download download download download
  Health Status Health Status download download download download
  Health Risks &   Behaviors Health Risks download download download download
  Health Care Health Care download download download download
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  Appendix A:   Detailed Tables Tables
  Appendix B:   Data Source Desc. Data Source
  Appendix C:   Glossary Glossary

Downloading the Data

Downloading the data
The 2000 Older American Update is divided into several sections. You may download the entire chartbook by clicking on the corresponding link or you may select by the individual section. Many of the downloads are available in more than one format. Please check back to see if other formats are available.

HTML: provides an accessible version of all the chartbook content
Full Text PDF: provides exact content as printed book
Table XLS: provides Excel Workbooks of latest data
Charts PPT: provides Powerpoint Slides of chart
Compare Reports PDF: Comparability Index for tables in Older Americans: Key Indicators of Well-Being 2000-2004 and Update 2006

Report Cover

Download the 2000 report cover in [PDF] format

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